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            WaFangDian processing factory

            Business Area:

            Our factory is a professional processing of modernization in Dalian factory.With the latest range of more than more than 20 of NC lathe;Vertical, Horizontal CNC Milling Machine; 5 large numerical control boring machine 4 sets;
            Large vertical lathe and machining center 4 sets drilling, slotting machines, Gear Hobbing Machine, all kinds of grinding machines, planer and lathe processing equipment.The main process to produce large parts ; machine tool machining of parts and components, gear products, a variety of precision parts. Stable and reliable quality, a large number of products is constantly export to the United States, Germany, and East Asian countries.

            Technical support :

            Senior Engineer of the companies employ more than one, clamping technology and processing responsible for product design, production. Guarantee the production of quality products. According to iso9000 standard, production processes all of the following tests to ensure the quality of each product. The company's commitment to quality is our main factor in achieving the target, is part of our corporate culture. The staff are committed to meet the expectations of the customer requirements.

            Contact information :

            Add: Dalian wafangdian city sanjiazi in liaoning province
            Tel: +86-411-82658431
            E-mail: fwj1969@hotmail.com