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            Company profile

            Dalian Fangxinyuan International Co., Ltd

            is a professional company specialized in machine products, include casting & forging products, hydraulic cylinder, machine tooling. By now, More than 100 kinds of products has been exporting to many countries and regions.
            The casting process we are using include Green Sand, Bake, Die casting, Resin sand, Lost wax, Lost foam.. Material: Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy castings, aluminum castings brass. Etc.
            The products are classified into four major kinds:
            1. Common Machining Parts by cast iron; ;
            2, Pump parts, Valve parts. hydraulic cylinder, machine tooling.
            3, Forged Parts, Flange and Metal Products

            "Quality build confidence" is our management philosophy. From order received to shipments delivery, every step is strictly controlled and supervised by experienced staff, to assure quality of shipments. Fangyuan overcomes the difficulties to source from China by being the unique supplier allowing you to benefit from China's cost saving while ensuring world-class quality!In pursuit of "Quality build confidence" is our mission forever!
            Our company introduces whole set equipment and testing instrument for molding, core-making, and sand disposal. The heat treatment, technology and test for high-intensity and high-extension ductile cast iron and alloy cast iron are in the leading position both home and abroad.
            Superior testing instruments and advanced equipments make the products competitive in international market.
            The products have been received the ISO9001 Certificate.